Who Is The Best Web Marketing Company ?

be your own web marketing company

Finding a¬† Web Marketing Company on the internet is as easy as falling off a log. Hold your breath and I am going to tell you which web marketing company is the best, I can hear you all sucking in air in anticipation but the answer is simple if you think about it …… The answer is YOUR OWN COMPANY or YOU.

be your own web marketing company

When you get stopped by a fellow passenger on public transport for a chat most of us know how we could describe our business in great detail to the point of boring the listener. The reason for this is simple our business is frequently a 24/7 conversation going on in our head, we know what we do its all there churning over in our heads. If we ever engage others to market our business they will generally be organising that conversation in our head so it can be presented better to the world. A web marketing company will also bring tools to analyse and give you reports about your target market after guiding you as to who your target market should be. In the past these reports could cost a fortune but not today, all you really need is a little knowledge of research and analysis tools.

What does a web marketing company do to market my business on the web?

All they can do is present your offering¬† to make the closest match to what people are looking for. Let me illustrate that point for you. Let’s pretend a business is a garage near Heathrow called “Jones Autos” and its website address is “jonesautos.co.uk”. It could be that a quick search shows that people are searching for “heathrow tyres” and so it might be that “Jones Autos” would do well to have a website called “heathrowtyres.co.uk” in order to get business for their garage. With the advent of efficient website engines like wordpress creating the new site would take less than a day and start to generate more enquiries than before.

Okay so what do I need to be my own web marketing company?

  • Time to make your marketing a priority
  • A wordpress contained website
  • A google account for analytics, and keyword research
  • A lead collecting mechanism
  • Accounts with the principle social websites , Pinterest – Facebook – Twitter – Youtube
  • Knowledge to quickly establish all the above


I am shortly publishing a course with video tutorials on web marketing. The course will be like looking over my shoulder as I set up a website from scratch which displays on mobile devices and regular laptops and desktop machines. One to one training can be made available via skype and if required the whole site can be set up for you. You know your business so contact me for further details on becoming your own web marketing company

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