Making a Website a Marketing Engine Course


marketing with a website courseI am delighted to now be able to offer the following course for all those who want an effective web presence

Module 1
The first step is to set up a domain name based on intelligent keyword research. This may sound easy but, trust me get it wrong and all you will ever achieve is a finely polished pebble on a massive beach of pebbles , get it right and you will stand the best possible chance of success.
Find an appropriate domain name. 2hours

Module 2
Create a Gmail account and give yourself a safety email address as well as a google account.
Create an ad words account and analytics account. Get access to Google Webmaster tools. 1 hour
Module 3
Select hosting company and make sure that your domain name points to the servers of your hosting. Create email addresses and forwarders as necessary. Learn how to use the Control Panel installed on your website.
Install WordPress via the fantastico or quick install software provided by the control panel. Learn how to backup your website. 1 hour

Module 4
This module is where the fun starts we install the essential extras without any cumbersome extras which might slow your website down. Tune your WordPress installation so that you can publish an article which is recognised and appears on the search engines within five minutes. Making your website as secure as possible. 2 hours
Module 5
Creation of your static pages which is like doing a school essay who, why, when, where, what and how to contact you. 1 hour
Module 6
Research to get high quality links to your pages. Using the blog engine to work for you so that you can put yourself on the map. 1 hour
Module 7
Important extra services to use with your website. 30 mins
Module 8
Fine tuning your site. Ongoing maintenance. Design selection to make sure your site is –
is aesthetically pleasing.
displays correctly on all devices which may access it.
becomes a quality lead generator.
1 hour

Please contact me for further details the course is available via skype or on location.

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