The Descendants Of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton

lord nelson lady hamilton

Lord Nelson And Lady Hamilton had one child…

She was Horatia Nelson and was born in 1801. Roundabout October time each year many people ask our family just how we are descended from Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton.

lord nelson lady hamilton

This following  link will give you a gedcom file and all the basic geneaolgy of our line from Admiral Viscount

Horatio Nelson and Emma Lady Hamilton.

The information was compiled using family records and pictures

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  1. Posted by Lcc_IT, at Reply

    Nice post! I’ve found this:

    Were they your relatives?

  2. Posted by Mark Tucker, at Reply

    Bless Nelson for all he did for England. His new family with Lady Hamilton should have been honoured and looked after as his dying legacy to England, but they were not . My humble thanks to him for all he did and to his beloved family.

    mark Tucker

  3. Posted by Tricia Mills, at Reply

    I know I’m related to Lady Hamilton my grandmother said but wouldn’t tell us how and by whom. My GG Grandmother’s name was Lindridge by marriage but I don’t know her maiden name.

  4. Posted by Julie Allen, at Reply

    I am interested in the AGAR side of the Nelson family. This is after the period of Lord Horatio Nelson, but perhaps 50 years later.

    I am researching AGAR family and AGAR-ROBARTES, who seem to have a close relationship with Nelson

  5. Posted by donna worthington, at Reply

    i was also told im related to lord nelson himbeing my great x 4 ish grandfather. my nan found this out online but now im trying to see for myself i cant seem to find it. sssoooooo confused. help!!

  6. Posted by John, at Reply

    Let us know your line look at the tree

  7. Posted by garry moris, at Reply

    i am supposed to be related to lord nelson my grandmother was a nelson and she died about 1945 she married my grand father a morris i did not know them i was to young imet my grand father only seen my grandmother once they had three children two girls and my father william percival morris iwould to find somthing about my conection to nelson as my kids to boys and a girl my boys have no children so our family finishes with me i am 70 hope someone can help garry

  8. Posted by garry moris, at Reply

    forgot to add we are related to tuckers convicts who came to australia 2nd or 3rd fleet and lived at paterson hunter valley nsw

  9. Posted by Sam, at Reply

    Ah, I didn’t realise the Tribe family was from his ancestry. I must come from one of the families that don’t seem to have any information on the Internet. You would’ve thought having relatives like them that you’d know officially.

  10. Posted by Jennefer Betty Bryan, at Reply

    My mother was married to one of Lord Nelsons descendants called Horatio Nelson – who was his parents as I would like to know a little bit more about my stepfather

  11. Posted by Dorothy Cox, at Reply

    My ancestors “Milsteds” Blacksmiths in Tenterden for over 500 years lived opposite Horatia Ward and family. No doubt looked after their horses and carriage. Horatia would wait in “The Woolpack” for the coach to London. The Milsteds were also licensees. In the 1940’s My father was given two’ very old ‘photos of a lady and bearded gentleman that had been oil painted to look like portraits . Also portrait of a lady on copper dressed in late 18th century apparel. He was told take care of these they are descendants of Horatia Nelson. They now hang proudly in my living room!

  12. Posted by Nastasha Price, at Reply

    My Grandma is adamant that she is a descendant of Lord Nelson, her mother (my great-mother) is Edith Nelson, who then married and became a Wilkinson, I assured her, that just because you share the same surname, doesn’t mean you may be related,,,,but somehow I am on a mission to prove she may be right or wrong, trouble is I dont know where to start .

  13. Posted by John, at Reply

    The only way one can be related to Lord Nelson is via the illegitimate line as he had no children with his wife. Emma Hamilton bore his daughter Horatia who married the Rev. Philip Ward and they made their surname Nelson-Ward. Hope this helps look at the tree to follow the line.

  14. Posted by Cheryl Morgan, at Reply

    Thanks for this website John. I have added it to Raglanpedia section on Elizabeth Somerset in St Cadoc’s Churchyard:

  15. Posted by David Hill, at Reply

    In 1953 my father, Wilfred Henry Stuatr Hill b. 17 July 1906 was overjoyed when my older brother Stuart was accepted as a Cadet Midshipman in the Royal Australian Navy. My Aunt, Muriel Elizabeth Ruth Simonsen nee Hill said: That’s not surprising , we are descended from Lord Nelson via Lady Hamilton. My paternal grandparents were William Henry German Hill b Barnstaple Devon 20 6 1982 and Ruth Barling Culverhouse b. 0106 1878. If you can shyed any light on this claim I would be most appreciative.

  16. Posted by James hamilton, at Reply

    Does any one here know about Mary Anne quint a supposed secret child of admiral lord nelson?

  17. Posted by David Bullock, at Reply

    Hi John, I was very intersted to see your tree of Nelson descendants. I noticed there were a few gaps, where decedents with children weren’t listed. So I have created a more complete tree which can be found here

    It probably includes people you weren’t aware of including myself, the adopted son of Ray Wanda Mayhew (nĂ©e Style) . Of course such a tree can never be considered absolutely definitive, because there is always the chance that others like me could be out there, but I think I have capture all the known descendent branches. As it stands I believe there are 32 living descendants.

    It’s good to make your acquaintance, 4th cousin.

    All the best
    David Bullock

  18. Posted by Amy Barber, at Reply

    My paternal family is supposedly descendants of Lady Emma hamilton, though im not sure how true this is and from which of her children. My fathers middle name was Hamilton as was his fathers and grandfrathers and various great grandfathers, I assume (if it is true) we must descend from her first born, as surely if we descended from the child of Lord Nelson then the family would honor him instead of Lady Hamilton, who wasnt of noble blood. I grew up not half an hour from the house Emma Hamilton lived in, which in recent years was a family pub named after her. I doubt it is true but would be great to know.