Web Design Is Unimportant

This last year has seen a terrific surge in companies and individuals getting there act together with online presence. Not before time many people are realizing just how effectively the web can serve them. In 1998 when I started developing websites the emphasis was on design and whilst the rules[…]

Website Design is Unimportant

dreaded call centre call

Am I speaking with Mr John Tribe ? The phone rings you answer it there is a delay of maybe 5 secs and then the first thing the person at the other end of the phone says is .. Am I speaking with followed by your name.  Usually this question[…]

The Dreaded Call Centre Call

Let’s face it many of us can remember the first IBM PC showroom in Victoria Street London back in spring 1983. When being shown the available software by the salesman all appeared to be quite fast on the black screen with green text, until some printing was required. The salesman[…]

Comical Side of Computer Updates