Marketing For Musicians

Marketing for musicians


The world of music is better connected than ever before so just how do you market your precious creativity to the world?

The quick and obvious answer to this question is using social media but social media is just the tip of the iceberg. Social media should be used to drive traffic to your own website and your own domain name over which you have control. Many people think that a website and domain name will cost a fortune unless it’s done by themselves which of course means having a whole range of mysterious skills and fancy design.

Help is at hand !

I  help performers to market their creative offerings by providing an orchestrated marketing effort which they can control. Over a period of 8 hours I teach:-

  • Market Research of your Genre
  • Domain setup and website installation of a site which will look good on every tablet, phone, desktop or laptop
  • Realtime analysis of your site and social referrals from every device which accesses your site
  • Content creation whether you are at home or out at a gig using just a smart phone
  • Building a fan base to communicate with
  • Publishing your work on everything from a kindle to iTunes and Amazon
  • Fast quality video construction
  • Finding gig opportunities

Those Who  Use My Services :-

If you are a performer and want to control your publicity and revenue stream contact me for a 1/2 hour no quibble FREE consultation.





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