Winter paddle down the river Wye

Winter paddle down the river Wye

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Hi there, my name is John Tribe.  I am one of those fortunate people who does what he enjoys for a living.  I have been a canoe and kayak instructor, fisherman, double glazing salesman, tour operator,shop assistant and a  pc engineer. These days I strike a balance between my passions of the outdoors, music and technology. My more memorable experiences have been taking Martin Roberts from TV’s ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ on a remote canoe trip, playing a blues gig backed by Geoff Downes (of Asia and the Buggles), Paul Martinez ( former member of  The Robert Plant band) and Hugh McDowell (ex ELO). In 2005 I met the Maori queen Dame Te Atairangikaahu who presented me with a ‘Maori nose flute’, on a trip to Nelson New Zealand.

I have been constructing and assisting companies with web sites since 1998. I have known my way around PC’s since 1983. Since those early years I have always been involved in the design of the user interface. For 7 years I ran Karrimor International Mountain Marathon web site incorporating all the new web developments as they came along from e-commerce to live video event reporting. More recently I have assisted Mindsheet with their projects for the Scottish Office and members of the Welsh Assembly. Today I assist busy individuals who want sites fast at value and with personal instruction so they can update their sites themselves.

I am currently helping many small businesses and traders who previously never had websites even set up mobile websites.

The present economic climate has led to more people who want to do self marketing which is essential now as prospects search the net rather than print. If you want one on one training in this I can do it on skype.

My interest sites are  www.harmonicariff.co.uk  and www.ukuleletutorial.com

To those of you stumbling across this page looking for a Professor in tourism or an insolvency expert from Kingston University, I am afraid you are in the wrong place.

The purpose of this site is to tell those who I have known for years, those who I have recently met and those who I am about to meet, what I’m up to and share snippets of what I discover and that which annoys and amuses me.