Marketing for musicians

  The world of music is better connected than ever before so just how do you market your precious creativity to the world? The quick and obvious answer to this question is using social media but social media is just the tip of the iceberg. Social media should be used[…]

Marketing For Musicians

Thanks to the steady hand of Tracey Cotterell despite chronic lack of light the following two snippets were captured on 12/11/2013. Many thanks to my scratch band Ian Luther on Guitar, Amanda Lloyd on Congas, and Judy Coyote on Bass. Not Dark Yet cover of Bob Dylan classic   I’ll[…]

Open Mic at the Beaufort

Came across this while sorting pics from 2005. Photo by Gardner for a Daily Mail article called Dead Ringers … The other pics were descendants of Wordsworth , Dickens, Brunel and Scott of the Antarctic . Fortunately no limbs were severed in the making of this pic!

Gardner Nelson Photo from 2005